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6 Things We All Can Do to Fight Racism and Hate


During my 6 month hiatus, I’ve been working on lots of new content since Monty & I moved to Canada. However I’ve decided to precede that with an important piece. This is for all of you, but especially my white female audience. I have been horrified by the escalating hate in the US and globally (yes […]


Fashion Profile: ‘Keep Company’ Vegan Shoes


Sometimes I run across a product, brand, service or business that I love so much that I write about it. You all know that. I recently bought a pair of KEEP x AD-ROCK vegan shoes that I am in love with. Let me tell you about the company and the shoes. I originally was tagged […]


Breast Cancer Update: More Surgery, Less Pain


I couldn’t be happier. Ok I might be a little happier if I had my original breast. And if I didn’t ever have cancer. And oh if only I had my 22 year old body back. But I am recovering from another surgery and am so happy with the results. Here’s what happened. As we […]


Destination: Canada!


Monty, Misty & I ventured off on our 2 day road trip last week to our new home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ottawa is the nation’s beautiful capital in the eastern part of the Province of Ontario, hugging the border to the Province of Quebec. We had been planning our move for many months, and […]


Drink ‘The Pink Dragon’ All March long


Gib’s Bar is hosting a Community Cocktail Event the month of March for Stepping Stone Foundation. We will be launching ‘ The Pink Dragon’ cocktail on Wednesday, March 1st from 5-7pm. Gib’s Bar is located on 1380 Williamson St, Madison. A Portion of cocktail sales will benefit the Stepping Stone Foundation all month long; helping UW Breast […]


Permission to be Lazy

foot up

The other evening Monty & I attended an event where the guest speaker was meant to inspire the audience. We weren’t sure of the subject matter heading into it, but the talking points and leave behind messages were something like this. “Success is achieved by hard work”, “If you have dreams, then dream bigger”, “Make […]


I’m on it 2017!


I’m turning my frown upside down for 2017! First of all, we raised $5,650 for Stepping Stone Foundation last year. Thank you! That money is already being put to work to help UW Breast Cancer patients with some of their bills, while they are going through treatment. Our fundraising goal for 2017 is $50,000 Many […]


Pdub’s Holiday Gift & Give Guide


I have been feeling a little grinchy after a long difficult year, but decided to shake it off after many requests for a 2016 Holiday Guide. I put together a list for readers everywhere, but I also included a local segment. Many of my gift ideas are gifts with purpose; some charitable tie in, supporting […]


Giving to the Stepping Stone Foundation this Holiday Season


As we are nearing the end of a tumultuous 2016, many of us are reprioritizing our holiday spending and gift giving. Many of us are opting instead to support many great causes to help other people, the environment, the arts or our furry friends. We hope you will consider supporting Stepping Stone Foundation this holiday […]


Not just another Breast Cancer Awareness List


The unfortunate fact is that someone you know is likely going to be diagnosed with breast cancer in your lifetime. I am a survivor of stage 2 lobular invasive breast cancer. I underwent a modified radical mastectomy, radiation and take long term hormone suppressor drugs. I am 18 months since diagnosis and 6 months since […]


Designer Profile: K/LLER Collection


If you see me on any given day, there is a 70% chance I’m wearing some jewelry by my favorite designers K/LLER Collection. The designers behind the Brooklyn based brand are the talented Katie DeGuzman and Michael Miller who met at the Parsons School of Design where they were studying furniture design. Their interests shifted […]


This group saved my cat’s life


If you are like me and Monty, your pet companions are an important part of your family. To some, like us, they are your best friends and like children. As you know we lost one of our beloved cats, Salem this summer, so our concern became even greater as my other cat, Misty’s, strange health […]


Fall Fashion: French Style


I have been adjusting my clothing spending habits a bit and building out more of the ‘French Woman Wardrobe’. I am spending more money on really beautiful , quality and interesting pieces that: 1. Elevate what I already own 2.  I can wear into different seasons and 3. Keep for a long time. That doesn’t […]


Talking Friendship with my Friend of 33 Years


A couple of weeks ago, I traveled down to Charlotte, N.C to visit my girlfriend Sue. She had just relocated there with her husband and two teenage kids after many years of living in Atlanta. I wanted to see how she was settling into her new home and community and spend time with her just […]


To Bang or Not to Bang?


This age old question crops up with most of us at least once every couple of years when we are looking at changing our hair style. I invited my stylist Jamie O’Brien from The Beauty Room in Madison, WI to offer her expert take on this and offer up some advice as a Guest Contributor […]


My 7 Key Pieces for Fall

blazer 2

Fall is just around the corner so you might want to start thinking about your Fall Fashion shopping list and pulling some pieces from the archives. My fall shopping is DONE! Between these new additions and a few from my own archives, I’ll be mixing and matching while hitting the mark with the trends.  I […]


My Fall Finds: Shoes & Accessories


Here are my key accessories for Fall, some old, some new! I always purchase based on personal style but it just so happens I managed to cover a few fall trends while I was at it. Purchasing details are available if you click on the image or image details link. Petite Burst Y Gold Necklace; […]


Brands I’m Wearing, Watching & Where to Buy


You know how I listed the top 3 questions that people ask me in my last post? Coming in at a close 4th is “Where do you shop? So I put together a checklist for you of the brands I’m wearing now, the ones I have my eye on, and where I’m doing my shopping […]


10 Things to Consider Before you Start your Own Business

biz blog

Note: I refer to ‘iona’ many times in this post. Iona was the designer fashion boutique I opened and ran in Madison, WI from 2013-2015. Let’s get started. The questions I am most commonly asked today are: 1. Do you miss ‘iona’? 2. Would you open ‘iona’ again? 3. How did you start your own […]


Upcoming Ladies Poker Night Lessons @ Arch

ladies poker night oct

We still have some spots left for October class! Email to RSVP Sorry September class is FULL.       


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