How I styled my side tie dye tank


I just finished dying a white tank into this teal and grey creation, and I do like it. The colours work well with my wardrobe.

I wanted to show you that tie dye doesn’t have to just be for the beach or the house. I styled it with a very fancy blazer I have with satin lapels, and these lightweight wool Chloe pants. Pretty versatile look don’t you think? I paired it with sneakers to give it a cool, city edge…and quite frankly they are super comfortable.

And below I just wanted to have a little fun and add lots of accessories enhancing it’s already bohemian vibe. I have plenty of ideas on how to wear it, I have been wearing it non stop. Which of these is more you? Are you going to give in and try out some tie dye for yourself? If so I would love to see your creations. xo Pamela


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    • Mona
    • August 9, 2020

    Pamela, I love being part of your PdubXO community and look forward to continued inspiration ❤️

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