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Pamela Wilson

Fashion lover, Poker Player, Cat Lady

“I’m almost 50, I’m in Breast Cancer Survivorship and I have Parkinson’s Disease. Through my stories, I want to build of community of people who feel they can relate and are part of something. ”

Q&A with Pamela

Q: What is this website about?

This is not a ‘here’s me I’m fabulous’ site. This is site filled with posts about fashion, opinion and all things life . If I post about fashion, I will likely be endorsing sustainable fashion, positive body image or offering tips & tricks to dressing for people struggling with chronic illnesses. If it’s opinion content, I hope you receive the message with the positive intention it was created. If it’s a poker story, I hope it ends with me winning a big tournament. 🙂 And if you see a Pdub signature, it  is my nickname, all of my friends call me that. 

Q: Favorite Celebrities?

Lady Gaga, Rose McGowan,  Anderson Cooper,  Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Andy Cohen, Gloria Steinem & Pumpkin the Racoon. 

Q: What are you reading?

’21 Things You May Not Know about the Indian Act”, by Bob Joseph…helping Canadians make reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples a reality. Also, “Black Widow Poker”, by Sia Layta…about a woman poker player poker disguised as a man, learning about the gender biases in decision making and using them to exploit as a winning player.

Q: Last movie you watched?

‘Christmas Office Party’. It was bad, but I love anything with Jason Bateman in it. I feel like he should be in my celebrity list. 

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional – Anonymous    I know, I know it’s so cliche but so fitting.

Q: Any pet peeves?

I’m trying not to let things bug me. But if I had to say, probably guys at the poker table talking about me like I’m not even there.

Q: Well tell me some of your favorite things then?

Listening to my cat breathing in my ear as she is sleeping on my chest. My first cup of tea in the morning. Making final tables of poker tournaments. Seeing other people happy. Organizing my closets. Wearing comfortable and cool looking shoes. Catching up with girlfriends. Not feeling sick. Getting lost in a good book. Getting a massage. Drinking champagne on flights. A necklace and note my Dad gave me. Walking down the street with my husband while holding his hand.

Q: What are some fun facts about yourself?

I adore my husband & cats. Guilty pleasure; Bravo TV. I love playing tournament poker. I’m a dual citizen Canadian/ American gal living in Ottawa, ON Canada. If something is wrong, I speak up. I use the wrong word a lot. I think I’m funny, but my husband thinks I’m hilarious. I’m very tall but I don’t play basketball. I’m 49 and still see myself as young, but I am oh so much wiser.

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