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Want to watch me play poker on live stream?

3 months ago

Come watch me (OneDub1) play, on live stream, every Tuesday on Twitch at 9e/ 8c.  Tune into channel PMonTwitch.  Most Tuesdays I’ll be playing, but you can also watch some other outstanding pro’s: D1rtyR1v3r, RBeckwith, B1gSh00ter, P0kerH0 and ‘FossilMan’ Greg Raymer (2004 World Series Main Event Winner, and 2012 Heartland Poker Tour Player of the […]


6 Things We All Can Do to Fight Racism and Hate

3 months ago

During my 6 month hiatus, I’ve been working on lots of new content since Monty & I moved to Canada. However I’ve decided to precede that with an important piece. This is for all of you, but especially my white female audience. I have been horrified by the escalating hate in the US and globally (yes […]

Philanthropy Style

Fashion Profile: ‘Keep Company’ Vegan Shoes

8 months ago

Sometimes I run across a product, brand, service or business that I love so much that I write about it. You all know that. I recently bought a pair of KEEP x AD-ROCK vegan shoes that I am in love with. Let me tell you about the company and the shoes. I originally was tagged […]

Health Opinion

Breast Cancer Update: More Surgery, Less Pain

9 months ago

I couldn’t be happier. Ok I might be a little happier if I had my original breast. And if I didn’t ever have cancer. And oh if only I had my 22 year old body back. But I am recovering from another surgery and am so happy with the results. Here’s what happened. As we […]

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