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The Trigger is Real

3 years ago

Understanding anxiety on the anniversary of the pandemic lockdown The other night a friend told me via ‘Zoom’ that she had been hearing about people being triggered and struggling with anxiety at the anniversary of the lockdown, and are questioning why they felt this way. Anecdotally I can tell you this renewed anxiety is real. […]


My Favourite Items to Dye

4 years ago

Some items are easier than others to dye. Some fabrics dye well, others do not. But, just because it’s easy to dye doesn’t mean I like it more. I love the challenge of a complex piece. I went through a lot of trial and error with the release of my first collection, but here are […]


My Top 10 Favourite ‘Drop 1’ Hand Dyed Creations

4 years ago

Drop 1 of Pamela Wilson Designs, was released on November 1st and sold out within a few days. We also raised $200 for The Ottawa Food Bank and The Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. Many of the dyes, and techniques and fabrics were entirely new territory for me, yet I still managed some successful outcomes. Here […]

Business Community Style


4 years ago

One-of-a-Kind Lifestyle Fashion at shop.pdubxo.com Nov. 22/2020. I am very happy to announce that I have set up an online shop so you can purchase some of my hand-dyed creations. Backstory: I started by creating tie-dye pieces for fun during the initial pandemic lockdown, then started posting my creations on Instagram. After a few more […]

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