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Health Philanthropy Poker

January Update! #BadBeatParky

3 months ago

How did January go with my Poker playing for Parkinson’s? I had a bit of a slow start but I managed to make a few hundred dollars in profit. It’s a slow start but at least it’s progress right? I didn’t play as much as I wanted to this past month. I only played 2 […]

Opinion Poker

Chapter 1 The Prep: I’m getting ready to play some (good) poker

4 months ago

Here we go! Poker > Parkinsons 2019 The Lessons here for everyone: set the appropriate intention, take care of your body & mind, do the work, and make good decisions If you’re an eager poker player and just want to get to the facts, jump ahead to 2. If you want to be a more […]

day 1
Health Opinion Poker

I’m using my lifeline: Poker

6 months ago

This is a story about opening up your hearts and minds. It’s a true story. And it’s also a story about poker, and life. My life in particular.  What do you do when you have had a particularly bad day? How do you cope with it? And what would you do if one day you […]

real or not pw

Are we breaking up Instagram?

9 months ago

I had a dream last night that I started posting pictures of myself and what I look like most days. And what I look like most days is tired, pale, with crazy hair. But on my actual timeline you see the version that takes a little bit of work: my hair is usually done and […]

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