Material Wrld review. Selling all the clothes I don’t wear


I have too many clothes. I have clothes that I don’t love or don’t fit me anymore. I want to simplify my wardrobe to pieces that I love and will wear often, including my special occasion and seasonal pieces.

I decided last month to clean out my closet.

My first pass of clean out I pulled out 38 pieces total of clothing, 2 purses, 1 pair of boots, and 1 pair of shoes for sale. I also pulled out about another 30 pieces for donation.

I decided to outright sell them though. I have tried other alternatives, some successfully, like Local Consignment shops (Barry Chic Boutique in Madison, review coming soon), and online ebay auction like eDrop off. However I decided that I wanted a quick and easy turnaround, and some consistency with buyout amount.

I did a lot of research, and one of the most positively mentioned and reviewed is Material Wrld. Their concept is to buy new or gently used clothing, from a specific list of designers,  in exchange for a gift card from places like Shopbop, Barney’s New York and Neiman Marcus, My assumption is that they then resale the clothes elsewhere for their margin.

Started by two friends Rie & Jie, who both went to Harvard Business School, and had careers in fashion e-commerce in NYC. They decided to start this business to solve a problem; how to recycle your closet in a fun and socially conscious way. You can read more about them here.

My overall experience is that Material Wrld is excellent. They exceeded my expectations with service. I was happy, not ecstatic, but happy with the purchase exchange. It was easy like they said, it was fast, it was fun, and I’m excited to buy the one or two pieces that I will love and wear now.

Here’s the step by step:

9/15:  requested trade in kit

sending kit

9/17:  I received my mail in kit which included a bag, pre-paid shipping label, a list of accepted brands, and instructions

materialwrld stuff

9/18:  dropped off my *cough* 40 pound box at UPS using my pre-paid shipping label.
9/23 they sent me an email letting me know they received my package

received package

9/29 A few days later they let me know they were working on my items

update email

10/2:  They sent me an email letting me know they worked up an offer for me to review



10/2 I went to the link to review the amount for each item, and accepted offer. I agreed to donate the 7 pieces they did not accept.
10/2 They sent me a confirmation email, saying I would receive my gift card in about a week
10/9 I received gift card in the mail. I spent it the same day, I knew exactly what I wanted

gift cards


Of my 38 items, valued originally at retail $13.065, they accepted 31 of them, and offered me $1,500. Approximately 12% of my original retail. They offered me a slightly higher % for shoes and bags (all with original dust covers and boxes).

I never wore these things or was done with the items that I sold, so I was very happy to buy that Chloe cashmere dress I wanted from my fall picks, a cashmere turtleneck and a few Chanel make-up pieces, all from Neiman Marcus. I should be receiving those this week. (I’ll post pics)

Could I have made more $$ selling myself on ebay? I say maybe. I had tried this previously and had no interest in the items. I also have zero interest in taking all the product photos, promoting, and shipping merchandise. Material Wrld just let me be done with it: send in my items and move on.

I would recommend Material Wrld. I am also taking a second pass at my wardrobe to use them again.

Want to try Material Wrld yourself? Receive a $25 bonus just by entering this promo code PAMELAW391 , or follow this link

It feels soooo gooood to have a cleaned out, manageable closet. And I can’t wait for my new pieces. xo Pdub


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  1. Reply

    Love this article Pamela! Not sure my clothes will be high end enough but always looking for alternatives to traditional consignment!

      • Pamela
      • October 15, 2015

      Thank you Cait!

  2. Reply

    Wow, this is genius. I love how simple they made it. As you said, you maaay get more money out of Ebay, but it’s so much work! Such a better alternative.

      • Pamela
      • October 21, 2015

      I’m pulling out round 2 items as I type….

    • Jenny
    • June 16, 2017

    Material World is literally the worst product I’ve ever used. I had $53 in credit, received another $77 – and my balance dropped to $28. I’ve emailed multiple times and not received any real help. The online chat does not work. Preparing to submit a complaint with the better business bureau. Strongly advise against using this service.

      • Pamela
      • June 16, 2017

      Hi Jenny, I wrote this over 2 years ago and had an ok experience. Although hindsight I wish I sold my clothes in a different way. I don’t think my commissions were a good enough value. However, My credits were accurate and timely at the time. I don’t like endorsing crappy, or unethical companies, so I can either a. leave this up for people to see your comment, or b. I might just take it down. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, that’s horrible

    • Leigh
    • August 27, 2018

    I had a even worse experience using Material World! They accepted 5 out of the 10 items I sent in. I choose to have the 5 additional items sent back to me, so I could try to sell them via other channels. When I opened the package, they had only sent me 3 of the 5 returned items. They LOST a pair of designer jeans and LOST one of the two boots to a pair of Joie boots, so I can no longer sell it as a pair. Then, the customer service team has the nerve to tell me that they only received one boot when I originally sent in which is ridiculous because they were brand new and packaged together. Awful customer service and terrible business model. 🙁

    • Taryn Catinella
    • September 23, 2018

    Terrible company!!!! I was told they would pay for shipping there and back on any items not taken! They literally gave me $2 for theory pants $5 for an Akris shirt and $8 for another theory shirt! Then wanted to charge me to send the rest back which came to the exact amount as what they were offering!!!! Completely disappointed especially since I have a style encore nearby that always pays well for my used designer clothing! Never Again will I use material world! Complete rip off!!!

    • Anonymous
    • December 4, 2018

    is it applicable in india too..

      • Anonymous
      • December 4, 2018

      what is the address if indian people wants to clear their wardrobe ?

    • Anonymous
    • March 14, 2019

    I used Material World in the past to trade in some designer clothing, and had good to fair experiences. I thought I would try again, but have had the WORST time!!! When I called the phone number published on their web site, I got a recording telling me that MW no longer takes customer service calls. I tried their to generate on-line shipping labels from their web site (which they offer) but that service did not work. I then sent them an email, which was my only option to contact them, and I got an auto response telling me they would get back to me in 24 hours. Well, needless to say, they never got back to me. I tried their web site one more time, but I could no longer log into my account because their web site did not allow any more log-ins. DO NOT attempt to use this business. I am highly suspicious of MW.

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