Fashion Profile: ‘Keep Company’ Vegan Shoes


Sometimes I run across a product, brand, service or business that I love so much that I write about it. You all know that. I recently bought a pair of KEEP x AD-ROCK vegan shoes that I am in love with. Let me tell you about the company and the shoes.


I originally was tagged in a social media post by my friend Maggie a few months ago who noted this company was donating a portion of sales to Planned Parenthood for their sales of their new limited edition KEEP x AD-ROCK shoes. And that they were taking pre-sale orders. These unisex shoes are a collaboration with the Keep Company and my favorite Beastie Boy, Adam Horovitz. I liked the look and the concept of the shoes, so I decided to pre-order a pair. I received my shoes in early March and fell in love with them.



Some shoe highlights:

  • The style is fresh
  • They are waterproof (made with water resistant nylon)
  • They are incredibly warm (stuffed with synthetic down, and lined with synthetic shearling)
  • They feel like pillows on my feet
  • They are easy for me to take on and off with my disabled hands
  • The price is right at $97
  • The quality is outstanding. (I’ve been pretty much wearing every day)
  • I have the choice between hot pink or black laces, they come with both



  • I’m supporting a great company
  • No animals were harmed to make these
  • They were produced in audited factories providing ethical and fair conditions for the workers
  • My purchase is helping support Planned Parenthood (get a mammogram!!!)

Some other things about Keep Company

Based in LA, they seem to be just an awesome small business with amazing people, who like to surround themselves with other spectacular people. They make a number of different styles of unisex shoes, clothing and accessories. Read their ‘About Page’, you’ll want to hug somebody and support this company. I’m hooked, I’ve inserted myself as part of the Keep Company family now, and delighted to spread the love. I also have my eye on a pair of great looking midi’s for Monty and the ‘Keep’ sweatshirt for myself.  xo Pdub

*the dope Ad Rock and product photos courtesy of Keep Company. Thanks! xo Pdub



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    • Katie
    • April 21, 2019

    I’m looking for a good shoe for a slippery kitchen work environment. I know you wrote this quite a while ago, but I cant find many reviews. Did you notice how slip proof they were? I love the style and commitment to global community, would love to purchase if they were going to be good in the kitchen. Thanks

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