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You know how I listed the top 3 questions that people ask me in my last post? Coming in at a close 4th is “Where do you shop? So I put together a checklist for you of the brands I’m wearing now, the ones I have my eye on, and where I’m doing my shopping now.

Brands I’m Wearing Now

  1. Céline. Lovely, interesting, luxury layering pieces. I am building my Céline wardrobe, one piece at a time. In store purchasing only fyi.
  2. The Row . I do like minimalism, with exaggerated silhouettes. These girls do it well, and the pieces work well with my Céline pieces.
  3. Raquel Allegra . I live in Raquel Allegra, and sure miss having a store full of it. Hasn’t stopped me from buying it every season. I love the soft fabrics, gorgeous textile dying, and layering different prints. The Fall ’16 collection is particularly gorgeous.
  4. NSF: Same as Raquel Allegra, I am always wearing NSF. Appeals to my tom-boy style. Huge fan.
  5. Helmut Lang: So Helmut Lang has gone through a change, making more tailored pieces with more luxurious fabrics. I am personally a fan, and like the fit.
  6. IRO. I like their signature french stripes in basics, all super comfortable.
  7. USE Unused. I love the cheekiness and the originality of their designs. Designed in Budapest, quality, quality. I just wish I could buy more domestically. But it does not stop me from trying.
  8. Chloe: I have been buying pieces that are a little more subdued vs their signature full on ultra-feminine designs. They work well on me. I just bought these amazing black sailor pants and they fit perfectly. Super cool.
  9. Rick Owens: Again I like the layering pieces, but these pieces are a little more drapey or fitted. With that I like how it works with my other brands in my wardrobe, adding different styling proportions.

Brands I’m Watching

heist ensemble

Photo cred: Heist Boutique

Ensemble includes: La Prestic Ouiston pants, Cher Michel Klein loose blouse, Isabel Marant Étoile leather jacket

  1. La Prestic Ouiston. I’m in love with their prints.
  2. Cher Michel Klein. You have to check out this french designer. Again I love the prints but also the unique design

heist shirt

Cher Michel Klein, loose blouse from Heist

3. Zeyneptosun: from Istanbul , pretty lace dresses, beautiful embroidery.

4. Alix of Bohemia: now settled and designing in NYC, they make the most beautiful gypsy jackets made of luxurious Italian fabrics. I desperately want one in my wardrobe.

5. Vetements: Parisian designed streetwear, with oversized, playful proportions.

6. Racil: exceptional tailored pieces with a twist.

Where I’m Shopping

heist 1

Photo Cred: Heist Boutique

Heist Boutique: I shop there mostly online since they are based in LA, and get there whenever I can. I love their selection and great service. The owner has an incredible eye in scoping amazing new designers. I highly recommend you try shopping their online shop.

heist 2

Photo Cred: Heist Boutique

Barneys New York: I work with a stylist, Bea Hoffman from the Las Vegas store. She understands my style, size and preferences and always picks out great things for me to look at from all of the departments. If you are looking for someone to help you out, I highly recommend her. She’s great (let me know if you would like an intro, it is no additional charge when working with a stylist). And I do overall like the selection and choice of brands from Barneys. If you do get a chance if you’re in NYC, check out their new again Downtown location. Gorgeous.


Bea picked out this gorgeous pink Céline skirt from the fall collections. It is still on my wishlist.

Net-A-Porter: good selection, good service love the up and coming designers

*Note I do always try to shop local, and will hit up Twigs, Barry Chic Boutique, Change in Madison occasionally too.

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