Here’s the plan…we’re going to put a Bad Beat on Parkinson’s Disease

I was very surprised by the popularity and impact made by my October 2018 Blog Post ‘I’m Using my Lifeline: Poker’ . I was inspired by your feedback and decided to continue with the positive momentum.

I mentioned in my blog post that it was my lifetime goal to win 6 figures in a poker tournament, but that my window of time was shrinking given my health issues with Parkinson’s Disease and recovery from Breast Cancer. This resulted in an outpouring of support and encouragement from readers to pursue my goal, and that readers received strength through me and my stories.

I decided to forge forward, but with a purpose beyond just personal results. 

In 2019 I will be playing poker with a purpose. I will be donating 10% of my year end net winnings to Parkinson’s Research, specifically to the Parkinson’s Research Consortium (PRC). The PRC began in 2004 by two neurodegenerative doctors, including my own Dr David Grimes, a leading Parkinson’s researcher here in Ottawa, ON. The goal of the PRC is to work with other scientists to figure out why this happens in the brain and how to treat (eventually cure) this degenerative disease

I will be playing online, and also playing live at my local casino Lac Leamy and live regional events in Montreal. I will document my efforts through my blog and social media. It’s the longer shot to reach my personal goal, but I will grind many a tournament to reach my donation goal of $5,000 towards Parkinson’s Research. 

All I am asking for from you is to follow along, offer advice along the way and wish me luck!

I am incredibly motivated to play well next year! Pamela (Pdub)

*The beautiful artwork you see here was created much to my surprise by my dear friend: fashion designer, artist, musician, entrepreneur Maggie Modena. I was incredibly flattered that she viewed me in such a generous way. I plan on weaving this piece in various ways as we plow forward together.

#KeepGiving #BadBeatParky

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